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Why Choose PowerBlock?

PowerBlock is proud to offer a line of products the fit most people’s free-weight needs, regardless of experience. Here are a few reasons to choose PowerBlock Dumbbells. 

VARIETY-PowerBlock leads the adjustable dumbbell market in product variety. We have 21 Home models and 5 Commercial models available. We are confident you will find a dumbbell that fits your needs, with models starting as low as $159 (plus S&H) per pair.

COMPACT-PowerBlock offers some of the most compact adjustable dumbbells on the market. For example, at 35 pounds selected, the PowerBlock is the most compact dumbbell versus the competition. This allows the PowerBlock’s to be used in a variety of exercises and not have your movement restricted due to the length of the dumbbell.

WARRANTY-PowerBlock offer’s some of the industry’s best warranty options for adjustable dumbbells. Period. See model details for warranty specifications.

EXPANDABILITY-PowerBlock Dumbbells allow you to expand your dumbbells max weight as your strength increases. For example, you can purchase a pair of dumbbells with a weight range up to 50 pounds per hand today, and as your strength increases, you can expand on your existing set to 70 or 90 pounds per hand with the purchase of an expansion kit. This feature allows your dumbbells to grow as your strength grows.  

CUSTOMER SERVICE-PowerBlock provides World Class Customer Service. When you call our Customer Service Team, you will be speaking directly with a trained representative. If you need a product question answered, a brochure, or a service part, you’re one call away from real life service. Experience Real Customers Service, The PowerBlock Way.
LONGEVITY- PowerBlock, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing adjustable dumbbells since 1993. Thank you for your support and dedication!

CONVENIENCE-PowerBlock’s were invented under the premise of saving Space, Money, and Mobility so that you can take your workout with you, wherever you go. PowerBlock’s do not require a docking station to use the equipment, unlike other adjustable dumbbells. All you need is a hard surface to use PowerBlock’s.



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