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I need a part for a PowerBlock. How do I tell which model I have to get the part for?

The easiest thing to do, is take a picture of your blocks with your smart phone and email it to questions@powerblock.com asking what model is this?


I have Powerblocks that are over 10 years old. Can I still get a U shaped weight selector for it?

Yes. We have Selector Pins available for all of our models, past and present. Call us at 800-446-5215 to get the correct Selector Pin for your model.


Do you ship outside the USA?

We do not do any international shipping. We do however have dealers in many countries. You can click on the stores button on the top of site and scroll down to see our international dealers. The Canadian dealers can be found by putting your postal code in the zip code search box.


I see different styles of PowerBlocks, will the expansions kits work with any model? (intermix)

The different "Series" of PowerBlocks have unique characteristics making them not interchangeable. For example, a Classic Pro Set style weight plate will only work with the Pro Style weight plates, Elite with Elite, Sport Series with Sport Series and Urethane with Urethane. Additionally, the models with 1/4" thick weight plates are not expandable with additional weight plate Add On Kits, only the 1/2" thick weight plate models have additional weight plates as a means of expansion.


Can I get chrome adder weight replacements if I lost mine?

Yes. Call us at 800-446-5215 or 507-451-5152.


If I want to expand my set how can I tell which model I have?

You can either call us at 800-446-5215 while you are with the set, or look on the blocks page of our website. The different models and Add On Kits are listed there with images. These tips of what to look for may help you: The Classic Series Sets will have black, square weight plates and will either have 1/4" or 1/2" thick weight plates. The Pro Series weight plates (also in Classic Series) in addition to being black and square will have machined (rounded) edges and have two holes in the end of each weight plate. The Sport Series will have gray weight plates with rounded (bread loaf shaped) tops. The Sport Series models also additionally have 1/4" and 1/2" thick weight plate models. The Urethane Series will have black Urethane coated weight plates with rounded (bread loaf shaped) tops.


If I buy a used set on Craig's List or Ebay is the warranty good?

The warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Purchases from an authorized dealer are recorded at time of purchase and used to determine "original purchaser". Product that is bought used could have parts missing or damaged and have many circumstances that are beyond our control that they cannot be warranted. We also understand that you can get some great deals on a myriad of products on Craig's List and Ebay.


Is the price listed for 1 or 2 PowerBlocks?

The PowerBlocks are all sold in Pairs (2), one for each hand. The KettleBlocks are sold as each (1).


I received my PowerBlocks and it appears as though there is two left handed Blocks. Is there a right and left block?

There is not a right and left block, the PowerBlocks are ambidextrous. When checked at the factory, they may be put in the box the same direction so it looks like there are two lefts or two rights. Simply take the blocks and put on stand or floor with the right hand block with the Color Bands and Selector Pins to the right, and the left hand block with the color bands and Selector Pin to the left. If at this time one or both handles are upside down, simply remove the Selector Pin. Make sure the Dial Lock is in the Closed position. Remove handle and turn right side up and place back in weight stack.

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