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I need a part for my PowerBlock product but don’t know my model. How do I tell which model I own?

The easiest thing to do, is take a picture using your smartphone of your equipment and email it to questions@powerblock.com. Include your questions in the e-mail.

I have PowerBlocks that are over several years old. Can I still get a Selector Pin for it?

Yes. We have Selector Pins available for all our models, past and present. Call us at 800-997-3999 to get the correct Selector Pin for your model.

Do you ship outside the USA?

We do not ship internationally. However, we have dealers in many countries. Check our USA and International dealer list at http://powerblock.com/stores.php. You can locate a dealer nearest you by typing in your Zip Code.

I see different styles of PowerBlocks, will the expansion kits work with any model?

No. Not all PowerBlock dumbbells are expandable. Please check with customer service if you have any questions about the expansion kits and your model. You can also view our product webpage for Home Use to see which models within the dumbbell series are expandable. This will be called out within the Specs box.

Can I get chrome adder weight replacements if I lost mine?

Yes. Call us at 800-997-3999 or 507-451-5152

I want to expand my set. How can I tell which model I have and if it’s expandable?

The easiest thing to do, is take a picture using your smartphone of your equipment and email it to questions@powerblock.com or call customer service at 800-997-3999.

If I buy a used set on Craig's List or Ebay is the warranty valid?

No. The warranty applies ONLY to the original purchaser and is non-transferable

Is the price listed for 1 or 2 PowerBlocks?
PowerBlock Dumbbells are sold in Pairs, one for each hand. The KettleBlocks are sold as each.



I received my PowerBlock dumbbells and it appears there is two left handed dumbbells. Is there a right and left dumbbell?

No, there is not a right and left dumbbell. When checked at the factory, the dumbbells are put in the box the same direction, so it looks like there are two lefts or two rights. Take the dumbbell, place it on a hard surface, organize the color bands and selector pins to face the right side. With the other dumbbell, organize the color bands and selector pin to the left. If at this time, one or both handles are upside down, disengage the selector pin, adjust the dial lock to read “closed”, then remove the handle and turn it 180 degrees before placing it back in the weight set.
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