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PowerBlock Personal Trainer Program

Dear Personal Fitness Professional, Thank you for your interest in PowerBlock products and the PowerBlock Personal Trainer Program. We believe PowerBlocks are the perfect tool for both the Personal Trainer on the go traveling to train clients, and the Personal Training Studio, where space never seems to be in abundance.

The purpose of the program is to:

Get portable, space saving selectorized dumbbells/barbells in the hands of the Professional Personal Trainer who can both benefit by the portable, space saving features of the product and expose the product to clients.

to print PowerBlock Trainer Program (PDF) Click here

Benefits of the program to the trainer:

The personal trainer is rewarded with a 1 time discount on PowerBlock products for their Personal Training and/or facility use.

To qualify for the Personal Trainer Program, the following is required:

A copy of certification from recognized organization. A signed copy of Personal Trainer Agreement. If mailing information, mail to: PowerBlock Attn:Jay Vollmer 1071 32nd Ave NW Owatonna, MN 55060 or Fax to: (507) 451-5278 attn: Jay or e-mail to jay@powerblock.com

to print copy of agreement (PDF) Click here

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Thank you for your time in reviewing the PowerBlock Personal Trainer Program. Direct any questions to Jay at 507-451-5152 or e-mail at jay@powerblock.com Yours in health.

Please note: As we only ship to the 48 contiguous states, the program is limited to those states.

Team PowerBlock®

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