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Great Product at a great price. Number 1 training dumbbell in the universe for sure.
Simon L.

I recently received my renewed set of handles after sending them in for service. I wanted to thank you all for the email advice and excellent customer service you have provided. You are the type of business that people enjoy dealing with, one who stands behind their product with excellence in support and service with speed and efficiency. Please pass along these comments to your management as feedback. As just a suggestion, since you do this already, you may consider advertising more prominently your longterm service/support as you have shown to me, to indicate this as a feature/benefit of your quality product. This value to the product costs you nothing more and increases consumer appeal! Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work and thank you again!


I've had the Personal Plus Powerblocks for three or four years, and they are awesome. I use them at home, where they don't take up any space at all. I've also taken them on a road trip because they are that portable! If I told someone that I was taking my dumbbells on vacation, they would think I was crazy...but with your product, it's possible and convenient! My next purchase will probably be the 90 pound Elites because I'm outgrowing my old Powerblocks, but I don't see myself working out with anything but Powerblocks. Most gyms are a mess of machines and misplaced weights, and who knows if the weight you need is available? I realized how spoiled my Powerblocks have made me when I tried working out with some old plate-and-collar dumbbells. By the time I had them assembled, I had way overshot when I was supposed to start my next set, and they were clumsy and unstable. Never again. Thanks for making my home gym a wonderful place to exercise!

Scott K.
Albuquerque, NM

Just a note Thanks for the great product. I knew about PowerBlock for years but did not buy because of the cost. What a dummy..They are the best. Thanks. The absolute Best.
Will T.

I know you guys must get quite a few e-mails but after a year of working out with Power Block Dumbells I am as excited more now than the day my wife purchased them for my birthday. She bought the Elite 90 set with the stand, Pro Adjustable Bench, Dip Bar and Cover. I have worked out with weights all my life and have had great benefits from doing so. I had a Bowflex for about 7 years but plateaued quickly. I stopped using freeweights because of the space and risk of injury as I have aged. I did not like the gym due to having to wait for exercises which created longer workouts. Within 1 year I am back to the strength and size I was when I met my wife 10 years ago. I have lost 10 pounds and have gained energy form my Power Block Dumbell workouts, Cardio Vascular program and sensible eating. My Type 2 diabetes is under control. Your product is something one never gets bored of for there are so many variations of Dumbell exercises. The quality is apparent when you begin your workouts. You guys are genius. Thank you so much for the product. It is worth every penny.
Sincerely, Darin

Just got my powerblocks last week. I couldnt be happier, these dumbbells are the real deal. I will recommend these to anyone looking to build a home gym. Thanks again.

Hello, Realizing you must get many comments on your products, but I just had to give you mine. I have been using dumbbells on and off all my life, and now I know why. The area required for storage, change over time and uncomfortable grip have been the hindrance. After recently purchasing a set of Powerblocks all that has changed. Now I truly enjoy working out with them. The space and time savings alone make your product above and beyond anything I expected and I feel I can hold onto them much longer than anything else. Thank you for making a great product, and made in the USA.
Sincerely, Joe Morristown, NJ

You have made what should be considered the centerpiece to any home gym! I chose the Elite 90 to help reclaim space (a good portion of my garage) from hex and Olympic dumbbells, stands, and plates. The space savings is huge and let me move my workout area to a smaller bonus room in the house which means AC in summer and heat in winter. What I didn't expect is the time savings to my routine! Not swapping plates has sped up the weight changes so much I feel like I have forgotten to do something. Thanks to your PowerBlocks I have managed to reclaim my garage, move into a climate controlled workout room, and cut time off my workouts. These are without a doubt the best addition I have made to my home equipment.
Very sincerely,
Shane Atlanta, Georgia.

I don't have a question, I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product. I purchased an elite set from a local fitness company (Scheller's Cycling & Fitness). I really liked the fact that I could expand the set if I want to, and that its made here in the USA. I looked at the Bowflex dumbbells and did not like the feel, but the PowerBlocks were solid, and well made. They just feel right, and I feel good about buying from an American Company and keeping American workers working.
Louisville, Kentucky

PowerBlock is the only in-home dumbbell set I use with my personal training clients! PowerBlock enables me to do an entire full-body workout with clients; regardless of their fitness levels. whether it's their first workout or after years of training. PowerBlock is safe, compact, and easy to use. thanks to PowerBlock I am able to make "Results Matter"! Using PowerBlocks with my clients I really "raise the bar"! Sincerely,
Matt S. Personal Trainer
Long Island, NY sulampersonaltraining.com

Thank you very much for such a prompt reply. It impresses me that you have a "human" response system-most companies that I have been dealing with either have broken links to their customer service department or my questions have gone into the chasm of cyberspace.

I appreciate your suggestions and you will gain another customer! Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful week.
Elizabeth W.

I have had Power Blocks for almost three years and love them. I couldn't imagine using any other dumbbells (even the Bowflex ones, which look nice, but I can see some inherent problems in them with respect to size and durability). You have a great product and all my weight training (three times a week) is done using them.
Chris K. Valdosta, GA.

PowerBlock is like a dream come true. I workout at home and every time I get ready to lift all I can think about is having to change and unscrew the damn dumbbells after every set. I can't wait to get my PowerBlocks so all I have to do is slide in the pin to the weight I need. That will probably save me about 10 minutes in my workouts.
Brian S. St. Louis, MO

I realize you must get hundreds of letters stating how great your product is and yet I am compelled to send you one more. I have been eyeing the PowerBlocks for three years now and finally went and bought them. I purchased the Pro Rexan Set with add on kit (85lbs) and couldn't be more happy. It took some serious convincing for my wife to buy off on the initial expense, but after we considered we have been paying $60 a month for gym memberships, it was a no brainer. The speed at which we can switch weights for my wife to myself makes working out a joy to do at home now. Thanks for making such a great product, hopefully one day I'll get beefy enough to add the other add on kit.
Thanks again,
John T.

I am a Personal Trainer and attribute a great deal of my success to my PowerBlocks. Their price no where near reflects the value. The advantage of being able to carry a whole gym in two hands to my clients anywhere, is priceless. I know with confidence I can offer the best of workouts with the ultimate tool for fitness. This is my third set , I find I lose my blocks when I put them in my clients hands...
Dale F. Florida

I believe PowerBlock dumbbells are the most impressive, cost effective, space saving, ingenious fitness product that I have seen in years. Many friends have asked me to assist them in getting into shape. I always stress the importance of a balanced approach to fitness that includes a nutrition program, aerobic exercise, and resistance training. And since the day a friend showed me his PowerBlocks and I ultimately purchased a pair and began using them, I became a quick convert and evangelist of PowerBlocks. I always recommend PowerBlocks to my friends for their home resistance training needs and none have been disappointed.
Harvey S. Personal Trainer- Seattle, WA

I worked in a training studio where we used them and they were great. I need my own set. I also want a high quality bench that will go flat, incline and decline.
Mike D. Vista, CA

Just bought a Pro Set for my trainer! Love them!
Debbie G. San Jose, CA

Special thanks to Jan in customer service for helping us replace our broken PowerBlock. It was a pleasure to work with her. She was understanding and made it so simple for us to be able to again use our PowerBlock. Jan is a great spokesperson for your company. Thanks to PowerBlock for such a good product and wonderful customer service.
Delores S.

The best investment I've ever made.
Gary P. San Francisco 49'ers


Thanks for producing such a great product. Your PowerBlocks can't be beat! All the best.
Joel H. New Orleans Saints

I purchased a set at The Fitness Experience. I've had the "Personal Set" for 6 weeks now and just wanted to let you know that your ads don't do your product justice. They have made exercising so much quicker, easier and, believe it or not, more enjoyable. A great product, woth every penny.
Rich P. Downers Grove, IL

To whom it may concern:
I just wanted to thank you for sending me the correct labeling sticker, for my aluminum PowerBlock Set. I appreciate the prompt service. For the last 5 years it has been my goal to own your product. I truly believe that they are the Rolex Watch of dumbbells. I have seen your product on TV programs such as TN 2000, Kiana and Cory Everson. Also the great magazine spot that Muscle Media did on your product. Those programs were a constant reminder to me that I wanted your product. So once again I just wanted to say thank you for your quick response for my stickers and also for a great product.
Steve W.

Dear Mr. Olson. & team Powerblock, I would like to thank you again for sending the a set of powerblocks to our section. Our morale has shot through the roof because we now can lift again.enclosed is some pictures we took yesterday of my lifting partner and me lifting. Everyone who has used the powerblocks so far have remarked at how good they are and most of them are making plans to purchase some when they return home. I love them and have found that they are the most comfortable dumbells I have ever used. We all appreciate your generosity and will continue to keep you updated on our progress as we strive to get back into top physical shape. thank you again.

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