Two athletes, a male and a female, work out in a studio using PowerBlock kettlebells.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need To Do Squats

Squats are one of the major movement patterns that should be part of everyone’s programming. They help to build strength, improve overall training and sports performance and increase stability of the legs. But there are some benefits that a lot of people may not know about, so here are the top 5 reasons you need to be squatting regularly.

Number 1:

Squats are a compound movement that build muscle and burn tons of calories. They recruit multiple joints and muscle groups and require much more energy to execute than an isolation movement such as a bicep curl.  In short, by squatting, you are guaranteeing maximum calorie burn and metabolism boost.


Number 2:

You perform body weight squats every day. When you get out of a chair or get out of bed. Including squats as part of your lifting program will directly transfer over to your daily activities and help you maintain your independence and mobility which is super important as you age.


Number 3:

Squats increase the health of bones. Your bones get thicker and stronger as a result of loading them, especially with movements like squats. This makes them very important for women or those at risk for osteoporosis.


Number 4:

Squats will increase your core strength. When you’re squatting, you’re forced to brace your core in order to maintain proper torso to floor angle. This increased abdominal pressure works core muscles and increases their strength and stability. Studies have shown that squatting can work your core more than planking.  And we all know how boring it is to plank.


Number 5:

Squats reduce your risk of injuries. Squatting will help strengthen your entire musculature, ligaments, tendons and joints which reduces the risk of injury while training, competing in sport, and going about your activities of daily living.


Burn more calories, make day to day activities easier, have stronger bones, a solid core, and reduce injuries, all by performing one movement.

About the Author:

Chris Proctor, contributing blogger

Chris helps people reach their fitness goals. He’s been a coach since 2009, has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and certifications from NSCA and NPTI. He live in New Hampshire (Live free or die) with his wife Keira, their son Wes, and their daughter Serena.