A woman works out on the beach, using her PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells.

Build Muscle & Burn Fat Without Breaking The Bank

Finances are often seen as a barrier to improving health. I’ve had this conversation many times — as a matter of fact I had it just the other day with a cousin of mine. He told me he wanted to “get in shape & start eating better”, but he knew it was expensive and didn’t know if he could do it.

You can dramatically improve your overall health, fitness, and quality of life, without spending a fortune. Here’s my top 6 strategies to do it:


1. Train with your bodyweight

Your body can provide resistance and help you build strength for nothing more than the investment of your time and energy. Gymnasts are some of the strongest and best conditioned athletes on the planet and they rarely touch weights.


2. Find a quality gym that doesn’t charge a fortune for stuff you’ll never use

Full service athletic clubs are great and have lots of options, but do you really need a sauna, racquetball courts and tanning beds? If your goal is to lose weight and get stronger, you 100% don’t need those amenities. There are plenty of great gyms for $10-$30 a month, instead of the $75 or more per month you’d spend at a big athletic club.


3. When buying home equipment, think “bang for your buck”

Always think about how many movements and exercises you can do with any piece of equipment you’re buying. The PowerBlock Sport 50 adjustable dumbbells & a bench are a great place to start. With 9 different weight increments from 5 – 50 lbs (per hand), these dumbbells provide a lot of versatility and will save you a ton of money in the long run.


4. Stop wasting money on supplements

You do not need any supplements (unless medically necessary) and none of them are mandatory to make progress. Many of them do nothing other than thin your wallet. If you insist on using them, stick to the ones proven to work like protein and creatine, which are very affordable.


5. Stop believing you have to buy organic in order to be healthy

Organic foods are overrated (yes, I wrote that) and overpriced. Contrary to popular belief, they are no more nutritious than non-organic foods. Not to mention, they still may contain pesticides and other additives, which are what many are trying to avoid in the first place.


6. Buy frozen and non-perishable foods in bulk

Take advantage of sales, join a wholesale club and buy things in bulk when you can. You may spend more up front, but overall, you’ll save money on foods that will help you get to your physique and health goals.


Improving your health should be is an investment, but it doesn’t need to be as costly as you think.