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Get Powerful and Strong This Summer with PowerBlock

How to Get Strong for the Summer

It’s already starting to feel like summer – and that means getting out and having fun. From pickup basketball to spontaneous beach trips to weekend concerts, there are a lot of activities on anyone’s summer to-do list. By building strength using these tips from the PowerBlock experts, you’ll have the energy and stamina needed for any adventure you have this summer.

Building Your Foundation
To make the most of your summer, you’ll need a solid base of power and strength. A regular training schedule focusing on foundational movements will prepare you for all sorts of endeavors. Add a set of PowerBlock Pro 32 Adjustable Dumbbells to exercises like squats, push-up variations, lunges and lateral raises to steadily build strength. The adjustable dumbbells work in four-pound increments to get the resistance just right.
You’ll also want a workout bench like the PowerBlock SportBench. When used safely, an adjustable bench makes it easier to do bench presses, triceps dips, step-ups and other exercises that shape your upper and lower body. Don’t forget about your core, either – the SportBench Ab Attachment holds you in place as you tone these all-important muscle groups.

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Athletic Strength
Sports require functional strength and endurance that can’t always be achieved with common workouts. If you want to jump higher or swing a bat faster, you’ll need to refine your physique and work on cardiovascular health.
The PowerBlock Heavy Jump Rope and Adjustable Kettlebells are two tools top athletes use for their fitness regimens. A weighted jump rope provides a cardio workout that targets almost every muscle. As for kettlebells, they develop core strength using the explosive movements required on a court or field. Furthermore, skipping rope and kettlebells are great ways to improve coordination, balance and mobility.
All summer athletes should also own a Workout Mat. Whether you’re using it for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or cool-down stretches, an exercise mat provides cushioning and stability. It also protects the floor and reduces noise, which is especially important in an apartment complex or shared home.

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Maximizing Fitness Levels
What if you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder or be an elite athlete? More leisurely summer activities such as hiking, kayaking and even playing with your kids still require a certain level of fitness. By taking care of your body, you’ll be able to better enjoy your time outside.
Find at least 150 minutes per week to engage in some sort of moderate physical activity. Walking, jogging and bodyweight exercises are fine ways to get started on your summer fitness journey. Remember to do proper warm-ups and cool-down stretches so your muscles and joints stay limber.
Nutrition should also be a consideration. We’re not saying to never splurge – we love a soft-serve ice cream cone on a hot summer day – but remember to have lots of fruits and vegetables plus lean proteins to help your muscles recover. Finally, make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Rest will recharge your body and mind, so you have enough energy to enjoy the summer.