PowerBlock ambassador Gunnar Peterson smiling

Introducing PowerBlock's Latest Ambassador: Gunnar Peterson

PowerBlock is absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with legendary personal trainer Gunnar Peterson! Peterson is a highly sought-after personal trainer to professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities, and a fitness industry icon. He has extensive experience working with world-renowned athletes including seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, former professional boxer Mike Tyson, and NBA champion Kevin Love, as well as notable personalities including the Kardashians, Rebel Wilson, and Sofia Vergara. He is joining PowerBlock as a key ambassador to support us in taking our brand to the next level.

“Gunnar is a leader in the industry and we are fortunate to have him bring his expertise from training professional athletes and Hollywood’s biggest stars, to help us build our brand in expanding both our direct to consumer as well as commercial business,” said Mattson Towley, CEO of PowerBlock, “We are excited to have Gunnar use both our current and new product in his own gym while training the best”.

PowerBlock’s differentiated technology in the marketplace and being the only adjustable dumbbell in professional and commercial training facilities bodes well to bring on the best, in which is Gunnar. “I have always been a huge fan of PowerBlock and am excited to get others to see the benefits this product can bring to consumers fitness journey,” said Peterson, “When training my clients, I use PowerBlocks for everything from fundamental strength movements to explosive athletic movements. They are effective across the board!”

Renowned for his expertise and trailblazing approach to fitness, Gunnar has dedicated over 28 years to developing and implementing cutting-edge techniques. What sets Gunnar apart is not just his dynamic approach and boundless energy, but also his knack for injecting a touch of (sometimes daring) humor into his training sessions, making them even more effective and enjoyable for his clients. With a diverse client base that mirrors his versatile training methods, Gunnar emphasizes strength training modalities that transcend the boundaries of the gym, empowering individuals to excel in their daily lives and achieve peak performance, whether it’s during intense training camps or in the heat of championship games.

To learn more about Gunnar and his training styles, make sure to follow him on Instagram!

Trainer Gunnar Peterson standing in is professional gym, crossing his arms

About PowerBlock

Our inventor and founder Carl Towley had an obsession with fitness. Throughout all of his numerous gyms visits throughout the country, the story was the same everywhere he went — dumbbells chaotically taking up precious floor space. There had to be a better way. Many people had attempted to build a better dumbbell but their solutions were always too complicated, fragile or impractical. Carl put together the concepts of a nested weight stack with a handle secured by a U-shaped pin, the ‘ah-ha’ moment! Within 24 hours of that, the prototype that is the foundation of all PowerBlock dumbbells was born.