Elite USA Straight Bar


(Weights Sold Separately)

Product Features:

  • No need for additional weights.  Use your Elite USA weight stack
  • Adjusts from 25 lbs to 195 lbs
  • Perform barbell and curl bar exercises with your Elite USA set
  • Color coded weight charts match your Elite USA set
  • Works with your 50 lb set, 70 lb set, or a full 90lb set
  • 28mm Knurled Bar
  • 33″ Bar Length (48.5″ Total Length)
  • Weight Chart on top of Handle
  • Ships in 2 boxes
  • Assembly Required

Compatible with :

Elite USA Series

Not Compatible with :

Elite EXP Series

Get more out of your PowerBlock dumbbells

With the PowerBlock Elite USA straight bar, you can easily convert a pair of Elite USA adjustable dumbbells into a single barbell.  The Elite USA straight bar will accommodate two 90lb Elite USA adjustable dumbbells which can provide a weight range of 25lbs to 195lbs.  This barbell offers a greater variety of exercises for your personal workout and will be a great supplement to your home gym.

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Elite USA

Use Elite USA dumbbells to make home fitness gains with an ultra-compact design. These U.S.-made portable dumbbells are expandable up to 90 pounds each to grow as your strength does.
Elite USA
The PowerBlock Elite Expansion Stage 2 Kit, compatible only with an Elite USA Set.

USA Elite Stage 2 Kit

Expand your Elite USA 50lb adjustable dumbbell to 70lbs per hand
Elite USA Stage 2 kit