Justin Reis

JUST Owner


My name is Justin Reis and I am the owner of JUST, a fitness and lifestyle brand based out of Minneapolis, MN. We offer a full suite of fitness formats including HIIT, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Meditation, Run Club, and other cardio and strength-based formats.

Our objective is to motivate, uplift, inspire, and build community through exercise and wellness. In addition to fitness JUST offers education including life and career coaching from our Certified Life Leadership and Happiness Coach, preventative skin care techniques from our plastic surgeon specialist, proper breathing techniques and allergy based facts from our ENT, meal prep recipes and healthy eating ideas from our chef, and more.

Our relationship with PowerBlock Dumbbells is incredible and we are grateful to help bring its equipment to new life with step-by-step tutorials for social media to educate followers and viewers about how to stay fit while moving with proper form and technique.

JUST has a coach team of near 20 and we are here to make a long lasting, positive impact in our communities near and far.

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