Expandable Dumbbells

PowerBlock expandable dumbbells are designed for serious lifters who want big gains. As you get stronger, these expandable adjustable dumbbells can get heavier — up to 90 pounds per dumbbell. Simply add more weight with expansion kits (sold separately). And if you’re really serious about lifting, check out our commercial expandable dumbbells, which can expand up to 175 lbs!

PowerBlock’s patented design and proven durability mean you’re buying for life. PowerBlocks are the only adjustable dumbbells trusted in training facilities of pro teams across all leagues, in NCAA training facilities, and by elite athletes.

  • Elite USA:  For those who prefer to strength train with USA made products.  This is our most compact dumbbell set at just 12” at 50 lbs.
  • Pro EXP:  Our most popular expandable dumbbell and the foundation for any home gym. You can add a Kettlebell Handle, EZ Curl Bar, and Straight Bar for multiple uses from a single dumbbell set.
  • Sport EXP:  These replace up to 16 individual pairs of dumbbells and are a great value.
  • Commercial Pro EXP: Our heaviest dumbbells, the Pro 125 can be expanded to 175 lbs. (not pictured)