PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Are You Ready to Break Up… With Your Gym?

Press the play button and listen to Kitty and Jason offer up advice on how to cancel your gym membership and/or how to break up with your personal trainer.

You could call them best practices, but you could also call it an insider tip or two from Jason on a way to get out of a contract.

Stevie Richards

Kitty and Jason sit down and talk with Former Pro Wrestler and Personal Trainer, Stevie Richards. Stevie talks about the hard knocks of coming up in the world of professional wrestling and how he spends his time now helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Bro… Do You Even Meditate?

In the latest episode of the “More than just dumbbells” podcast and listen to Kitty sell Jason on why he should give meditation a shot.   Jason struggles with attention issues and anxiety, and Kitty makes the case that even a few minutes of meditation daily can help Jason.

Omar Bolden

Guest Omar Bolden played in the NFL for 5 years winning a Super Bowl ring.  Omar talks about being drafted, playing with Peyton Manning, getting injured, overcoming the dark times transitioning out of the game, and finding his footing as a fitness professional.

More Than Just Dumbbells #14

In this brand new episode, Jason and Kitty discuss different body types. Are you an ectomorph, endomorph, or a mesomorph? And could it affect the way you should exercise? Give this 20 minute episode a listen and find out.

Episode 21: Hannah Bower – Fitness Professional

Fitness professional Hannah Bower is the guest on this episode. Hannah talks about being a division 1 college athlete, the injury that forced her out of competition, and how she now changes lives through fitness. Hannah breaks down some nutrition and fitness myths and offers up a $1.00 for 4 weeks fitness challenge.

More Than Just Dumbbells #13

Kitty and Jason talk food labels. Calories per serving, servings per container, it can be confusing. They try to keep it simple for you when you are purchasing food while trying to shed some pounds.

Episode 20: John Pierre – Personal Trainer and Activist

In this brand new episode of the “more than just dumbbells” podcast, Kitty and Jason have a great conversation with John Pierre.

John is an amazing person, constantly working to make the earth a better place.  He is a fitness professional, focusing on the elderly.  Kitty and Jason ask JP, as he goes by, questions about what we can do to make the world a better and more livable place.  And JP discusses ways to help overweight kids, which is becoming an epidemic in this country.

More Than Just Dumbbells #12

Kitty and Jason discuss the importance of tracking your workouts, your food intake and the challenges for many people to record on a regular basis. If you are someone who is challenged to track your workouts, you don’t want to miss this episode

Episode 19: Barry Vincent – Personal Trainer

Jason and Kitty have Barry Vincent as a guest on the show. “Built by Barry” is the name of his at home studio. Barry talks about how he helps people be empowered, live longer, and become healthier. Click the “play” button and enjoy a highly motivating and fun podcast episode.