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PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Robert Cabral

Jason and Kitty talk with expert dog trainer Robert Cabral. Robert offers interesting insight into working with animals and how to get yourself prepared to meet the needs of your furry friends.

Sleep or Workout

“I’m tired, should I be sleeping more or am I not working out enough”?  Kitty and Jason talk about listening to your body and whether or not it’s time to put the PowerBlocks down and go to bed.

Michelle E Dickinson

Jason and Kitty sit down and talk with Michelle E Dickinson.  Michelle discusses the stigma around mental health as it applies to workplace.  Listen in and find out how a healthy mind is a major part of a healthy body.

Apps and Trackers

Kitty and Jason break down the different apps and trackers that help you get fit and stay fit.  Listen in and find out if they work and whether or not they will work for you.

Billy Hofacker

Billy Hofacker has been a fitness business owner for several years, helping change lives with his small group training. Billy also helps fitness professionals and others so they can experience financial freedom.

Intermittent Fasting vs Intuitive Eating

In today’s episode, Kitty and Jason talk about intermittent fasting and intuitive eating.  They cover the differences, the health benefits as well as what to be careful of.  Listen in and find out which one is best for you.

Cooper “Coop” Mitchell – Garage Gym Reviews

Check out our latest episodes and listen to hosts Kitty Truax and Jason Linse converse with Cooper Mitchell (Coop) of Garage gym reviews.

Coop is a famous youtuber producing videos where he reviews different types of fitness equipment. From dumbbells to barbells, to kettlebells and more, Coop has an in depth review of it.

Sex and Fitness

Kitty and Jason talk about sex and how fitness can have an impact on your sex life.  From libido to self confidence this episode is all about the role fitness plays in a person’s sex life.

That’s what she said.

Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor was overweight and unhealthy. One day he saw a picture of himself shirtless and started making changes. He is now a coveted online coach helping to change lives of regular people.


Kettlebells have been around for over 100 years and allow people to get a super great workout and burn the same amount of calories as a dumbbell or barbell workout in half the time.

Listen to Kitty and Jason discuss the many benefits of kettlebell training and call one of the nation’s top expert in Kettlebell training so he could break down where to start and what size bell to start with.