PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Episode 10: Alissa White-Gluz – Musician

Kitty and Jason were super stoked to land “The Queen Beast of Scream” Alissa White-Gluz, lead singer of Arch Enemy.

Listen to Alissa talk about how she became a member of a band she was a fan of, how she sponsors animals, and how she stays fit while touring up to 250 shows per year.

The PowerBlock Fitness Podcast – Thursday Episode #2

Jason and Kitty discuss the pros and cons of joining a gym versus putting together a home gym.

Episode 9: Sean Garner – Fitness Business Consultant

Kitty and Jason call Sean Garner. From Tulsa to Miami, and back to Tulsa, Sean tells his story of opening a gym just so he and his firefighter brothers could have a place to workout. Fast forward a few years and Sean is now one of the best Fitness Business Consultants in the country. If you want to hear a journey from working for the man to being an entrepreneur, don’t miss this podcast.

The PowerBlock Fitness Podcast – Thursday Bonus #1

In this brand new Thursday podcast format, Kitty asks Jason the best approach for beginners to take when starting a strength training program.

Check it out to get advice on exercises, sets and reps.

Episode 8: Jaimie Lafler – Performance Specialist

Kitty and Jason talk with Exos Performance Specialist Jaimie Lafler. Jaimie shares stories about growing up with parents who took in dozens of foster kids, how she ended up getting into athletic training, and how her personality shapes the way she approaches her career. The epitome of a fitness coach, you will enjoy listening to Jaimie Lafler.

Episode 7: Rhys Athayde – Personal Trainer

Kitty and Jason talk to special guest Rhys Athayde.  The child of immigrants, Rhys grew up in New York City.  He suffered from many health issues growing up, making sports challenging to be involved in.

With the help of a doorman, he was able to get into a gym and that started him down a path that he never fell off of.  After college, he helped start a famous gym in NYC.  Relocating to Los Angeles, Rhys currently changes lives as a Personal Trainer/Coach.  In this podcast, he offers up several pieces of advice to help people get going towards reaching their fitness goals.

Episode 6: Ebenezer Samuel – Men’s Health Fitness Director

Kitty and Jason invite Men’s Health Fitness Director, Ebenezer Samuel on the podcast.  Ebenezer talks about his first career as a beat writer for the New York Giants, including an uncomfortable interaction with a player.

Ebenezer then talks about how he ended up at his dream job at Men’s Health, why he is so passionate about fitness and the importance of the “mind/muscle” connection.

Episode 5: Mike O’Hearn – Body Builder

Kitty and Jason talk to Mike O’Hearn. Mike talks about growing up in with 9 siblings, and how it shaped his way into martial arts and fitness. Mike talks about how he and his wife Mona help people become better versions of themselves. And Mike talks about having a son at age 50, and how life should be lived in the present.


Episode 4: Austin Dotson – Life Changer

Kitty and Jason talk with Austin Dotson who goes by Dotty. Dotty is a life changer, a man who is on a mission to help as many people as possible. Involved in Tae Kwon Do from the age of 8, Dotty played college football and arena football and then fell into a dark place. He hit bottom, but bounced back up to walk a true path of inspiration, motivation and fitness.

Episode 3: Leah Pruett – Drag Racer

Jason and Kitty talk with Leah Pruett.  Leah is an American drag racer, currently driving an NHRA Top Fuel dragster for Don Schumacher Racing.

Leah talks about how she got started in drag racing and what it’s like to compete in a male dominated sport.  She also discusses the importance of keeping in shape and the physical demands of the drag racing sport.