PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Episode 2: Bryan Renshaw – Personal Trainer

Kitty and Jason talk with Bryan Renshaw.  Bryan is well known personal trainer from California.  He has a degree in Kinesiology and has helped many people become fitter and healthier.

Bryan describes his background, how he got into the fitness business, his passion for doing what he does every day, and how he handles all aspects of his online personal training business, in person training, social media posting, etc. al by himself.  Bryan lives in Northern California with his 5 year old son Hunter.

Episode 1: Clark Bartram – Lifestyle Coach

Jason and Kitty talk with guest Clark Bartram about his background and how he helps men over 50 live their best lives.  Clark is a lifestyle coach and cover model who has been on the front of over 100 magazines over the past 25 years. Clark Bartram believes that everything starts with the right mindset.  He would prefer men over 50 consider all natural solutions to low testosterone, such as Nano Test rather than medical procedures or injections.