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PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Josh Braaten

Jason and Kitty welcome Josh Braaten to the podcast.  Josh is an actor most recognized from his role on “The Secrets of Sulphur Springs” on Disney+.  He has also appeared on “This is Us”, “American Horror Story” and “Semi-Pro”  Josh Talks about growing up in a small town in Minnesota and finally making his dreams come true in Hollywood.

Solo vs Partner

Kitty and Jason tackle the age old question: Is it better to workout with a partner, or go it alone? Do you agree with us?

Listen in and find out what’s best for you.

Dr. Matthew Chalmers

Jason and Kitty welcome Dr Matthew Chalmers to the podcast.  Dr. Matt Chalmers is a health and wellness expert, author and speaker who specializes in the areas of long-term wellness, nutrition, women’s health, weight loss, athlete wellness and holistic healing.

What The Heck is Rebounding?

Kitty and Jason discuss the fitness trend known as rebounding.  Check out this latest episode and find out what we’re talking about and how it can help you.

Miles Burris

Jason and Kitty chat with former NFL linebacker and actor, Miles Burris.  Miles talks about his life in the NFL and his current role on HBO’s Righteous Gemstones.

Some Like it Hot

Kitty and Jason talk about capsaicin and why in the world would anyone want to eat it.

Listen in and find out if hot peppers really are good for you or not.

Fabian Petrina

Jason and Kitty sit down and talk with Fabian Petrina,  co-founder of the new internet fitness craze, basement beast.

How To Eat Fast Food

Kitty and Jason talk about making reasonable choices if you find yourself needing to choose a fast food option for lunch.

Is it possible to eat healthy and be quick and convenient?

Listen in and find out!

Lisa Davis

Kitty and Jason sit down and chat with Lisa Davis.  Lisa is an actress who has appeared in numerous television shows and movies.  She talks about her passion for motorcycles and how important it is to keep in shape in Hollywood.

Just Breathe

Are you paying attention to your breathing?  Kitty and Jason break down the importance of breath work and how you can implement it on your drive home and even in your workout.