PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

More Than Just Dumbbells #11

Kitty and Jason talk about the changes in the fitness industry. From mainstream fitness centers to training gyms, Jason and Kitty talk about the differences now compared to a few years ago.

Episode 18: Matthew Hoppe – USMNT Soccer Player

Kitty and Jason land soccer player, striker, and Gold Cup champion Matthew Hoppe. Listen to Matthew talk about his soccer life, scoring a hat trick, winning the cup in Las Vegas in dramatic fashion, and how he hopes to be a major factor in the World Cup in 2022.

More Than Just Dumbbells #10

Jason and Kitty discuss ways to carve out time for fitness. Jason challenges folks who say they don’t have enough time and Kitty offers great ways to make sure you get some fitness in every week.

Episode 17: Tony Cavalero – Actor/Comedian

Kitty and Jason were lucky to land Tony Cavalero as a guest. Tony is an actor, comedian, and all around awesome guy. Listen to Tony talk about growing up chubby, the rough early years in Hollywood, and now being a major character on a hit HBO show.

More Than Just Dumbbells #9

Jason and Kitty break down the 4 or 5 key components to gaining muscle mass. If you are looking to get bigger and stronger, you don’t want to miss this podcast episode!

Episode 16: Trainer Kaitlin – Personal Trainer

Kitty and Jason talk to Trainer Kaitlin. TK, as she goes by, opens up about her struggles with depression, anxiety and self-hate and how she now helps change lives by offering amazing free workout programs.

More Than Just Dumbbells #8

Kitty and Jason break down the differences and highlight the pros and cons of the larger name brand gyms.

Episode 15: Mike Panero – Content Creator

Kitty and Jason talk with Mike Panero. Mike opens up about his struggles with ADHD and how he began his plight to educate the world about ADHD through social media content creation.

More Than Just Dumbbells #7

Kitty and Jason discuss exercise frequency. How much is too much, and what about overtraining? Listen to this podcast if you are wondering how often you should exercise.

Episode 14: Dan Palacios – Personal Trainer

Kitty and Jason had a lot of fun talking to Dan Palacios. Check out this podcast and hear Dan talk about how he keeps people functional and happy by helping them build their emotional, psychological, and total well being through physical fitness.