PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Jimmy Kim

Kitty and Jason sit down and talk with Jimmy Kim, founder of Remix My Fitness. Jimmy talks about bringing fun into your workout and helping people find their fitness inspiration.

Are You Ready For A 5K?

Are you thinking about running a 5k but don’t know how or where to start? Check out the latest episode where Jason and Kitty break down the training process and what to expect when you show up.

Elizabeth Sherman

Jason and Kitty sit down and talk with Elizabeth Sherman.  Elizabeth helps woman over 40 achieve their weight loss goals in the face of father time taking his toll on their bodies.

The Infrared Sauna

Can an infrared sauna bring you the same benefits as a traditional sauna?  Jason and Kitty discuss this trend and whether or not it will work for you

Brad Nelson

Jason and Kitty talk with kettlebell expert, Brad Nelson.  Brad talks about his career and how he got started in the fitness industry and the benefits of kettlebell training.


What the heck is Tabata?

Jason and Kitty talk about the tabata trend.  Listen in and find out if this workout program is right for you.

Robert Cabral

Jason and Kitty talk with expert dog trainer Robert Cabral. Robert offers interesting insight into working with animals and how to get yourself prepared to meet the needs of your furry friends.

Sleep or Workout

“I’m tired, should I be sleeping more or am I not working out enough”?  Kitty and Jason talk about listening to your body and whether or not it’s time to put the PowerBlocks down and go to bed.

Michelle E Dickinson

Jason and Kitty sit down and talk with Michelle E Dickinson.  Michelle discusses the stigma around mental health as it applies to workplace.  Listen in and find out how a healthy mind is a major part of a healthy body.

Apps and Trackers

Kitty and Jason break down the different apps and trackers that help you get fit and stay fit.  Listen in and find out if they work and whether or not they will work for you.