Female athletes are working out with PowerBlock weight benches

Adjustable and Travel Workout Benches 

As you create your perfect home gym, a quality adjustable workout bench is key to an optimal workout routine. PowerBlock offers premium adjustable weight bench options all uniquely designed for maximizing your workout while staying comfortable.

Our adjustable workout benches range from a lighter but sturdy collapsible Travel Bench to our heavy-duty, steel PowerBench which has a weight limit of 1000 pounds. All of our adjustable workout benches are designed for portability, comfort and durability.

GO FURTHER in your workouts with sportbench attachments

If you already love your PowerBlock dumbbells, a weight bench will unlock even more exercises, especially when paired with attachables (only compatible with SportBench). The SportBench DipSportBench Chin-Up and SportBench Ab attachments easily connect to the adjustable workout bench, empowering you to develop a true full-body circuit right at home.