Expansion Kits

PowerBlocks are the easiest adjustable dumbbells to expand, so as your strength grows, they can too. If your PowerBlock is an “EXP” model then you’ll be able to increase the weight of your dumbbells with additional 10 lb. weights, sold in pairs called Expansion Kits. PowerBlock Expansion Kits come in two stages, and you must add stage 2 before adding stage 3.

NOTE: These PowerBlock models are NOT expandable:

  • Classic 50 Set
  • Personal Trainer Set
  • PowerBlock 50
  • Pro 32
  • Pro 50
  • Sport 24
  • Sport 50

Please note that the Pro Sport EXP Series Expansions are for use with the discontinued Sport EXP Series adjustable dumbbells. They are not compatible for use with the Sport 24 non-expandable, adjustable dumbbells.

If you are unsure if your model can accommodate an expansion kit, please call customer service at 1 (800) 997-3999.