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Home Workouts

Meet your home gym’s new core weight stack

PowerBlock’s home gym workout equipment makes it easier than ever to create customized routines: attach EZ curl or straight bars for presses or curls, or turn your dumbbells into kettlebells with attachable handles. Finally — home fitness equipment with the flexibility to provide true full-body strength building.

PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells being used in a professional training facility. One athlete performs a benchpress while the other spots.

The ONLY adjustable dumbbell used in pro training facilities

More than just home gym equipment, PowerBlock dumbbells are the only adjustable dumbbells trusted in training facilities of pro teams across all leagues and NCAA training centers.

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Customer Reviews


I cannot say enough good things about this set, compact, feels great when using. It’s been on my regular work routine for the past four years and I just added a expansion kit.

Ron R

After about eight years of good use, I'd genuinely give them a 9.9/10.

Maximilian R

The powerblock dumbbells are an essential piece of my home gym. They looked weird when I first saw them, but they are the most stable and balanced adjustable dumbbells I've tried

Jacob H

I love the utility of PowerBlocks. Their space-saving design and cost-per-pound value are both fantastic. I am on my second set.

Keith M

Rock solid durability, my PowerBlocks will almost certainly outlive me!

Ted C

PowerBlocks have exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and performance.

Sagun P

They are a great investment and I will never buy any other kind. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years. I have gym anxiety but love lifting weights so I use the gym for cardio and my dumbbells in the comfort of my home.

Diana B