man using 50 pound adjustable dumbbells to perform a chest press in a home gym

How to Maintain and Clean Adjustable Dumbbells

Home gym equipment is an investment, so it’s important to understand how to keep yours in top shape so it provides years of quality performance. Luckily, most adjustable dumbbells, including PowerBlock’s, are designed for minimal maintenance. With just some minor upkeep your adjustable dumbbells will be in optimal shape — keeping you safe and your workouts seamless.

Why Dumbbell Maintenance Matters

Before we get into how to clean your dumbbells, let’s talk about why you should clean your adjustable dumbbells. First and foremost, maintaining your equipment ensures it is properly working during your routines. Adjustable dumbbells are heavy, and if parts are damaged, they can cause injury. So, checking in on the condition of your adjustable dumbbells before getting started keeps you safe and your equipment in top shape.

If you’re looking for the best adjustable dumbbells for your home gym, but aren’t sure where to start — don’t worry! We’ve got a guide for that. Find out which adjustable dumbbells best fit your space and strength training journey.

Daily Dumbbell Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

Following a simple routine and cleaning your dumbbells after you’re done using them helps prevent bigger issues later down the road. Here’s what we recommend for basic maintenance for your adjustable dumbbells — specifically PowerBlock dumbbells.

  • Before your workout: Do a check for any loose components. Ensure the selector pin of your PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell is properly locked in at a straight angle — nothing should be loose. Be sure the auto lock is also in the “closed” position before starting.
  • During your workout: To keep your PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells in great condition for years, it’s critical to never drop them from more than 12 inches or strike the dumbbell against any other equipment. This will prevent the rubber coating from chipping, which could lead to a build-up of rust on the metal surface underneath.
  • After your workout: Give dumbbells a quick wipe-down to clean off sweat and dirt. This will protect the rubber coating and keep the weight plates free of any loose debris — while also disinfecting your gear. Simply use a microfiber towel, warm water with a few drops of soap (or, alternatively, disposable wipes like those you’d find at a commercial gym) and lightly wipe your equipment down. Once you’ve wiped your dumbbell down, be sure to let it dry in order to prevent corrosion or rust build-up on any exposed metal parts.
PowerBlock home rack stand top view of padded surface


Level Up Your Maintenance

Want a pro tip for keeping your dumbbells in top shape? Invest in a dumbbell stand that keeps your dumbbells off the floor, and out of the way to prevent trips and falls. Storing your dumbbells properly will ensure a safe, tidy space and will minimize the chances of damaging your equipment, too. Plus, having a raised platform makes it much easier to level up or down in weight while you’re working out.


How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Dumbbells?

By keeping up with a basic maintenance routine, you generally won’t have to worry about frequent deep cleaning. However, it’s never a bad idea to unstack all the weight plates nested in the adjustable dumbbell and give everything a good wipe-down, letting everything dry before re-stacking the weights. If you use your adjustable dumbbells every day, a monthly deep cleaning will keep your equipment in top shape. If you use your dumbbell a couple of times a week, try aiming for an every-other-month deep clean. And, if it’s been a while since you’ve used your dumbbells, now’s a good time to wipe off that dust!

What can I use to clean my dumbbells?

Just as in your regular cleaning routine, you should avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia. Warm water and a little bit of soap will do the job. Use a microfiber cloth and avoid paper towels or any other abrasive cloths while wiping down your equipment. You should also avoid applying cleaners directly to the surfaces of your equipment.

Proper Maintenance Means Long-Lasting Results

To get the most out of your equipment, it’s essential to do just a bit of regular cleaning. Powerblock’s adjustable dumbbells are designed to make cleaning easy, so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion like you would with other gym equipment. Your dumbbells are a great tool for keeping you in shape, so it’s important to keep them in shape for reliable, long-lasting results.

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