Santa Claus works out in his home gym, using PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells.

PowerBlock’s Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Home Gyms in 2023

A home gym isn’t a one-and-done sort of thing. It’s an ever-evolving, ever-growing part of both a person’s home and their fitness. For those dedicated to building their home gym — whether they’re a beginner, enthusiast or professional athlete — a thoughtful gift can make a big difference.

If you’re looking to pick the perfect gift for a workout enthusiast in your life, look no further. This PowerBlock gift guide will walk you through the best gifts for home gyms based on an individual’s unique goals and existing equipment.

Gifts For Your Friend That Just Built Their First Home Gym:

It can be overwhelming to start a fitness journey, especially one that requires an up-front investment like building a home gym. Take the stress out of choosing by selecting one of the following gifts for your loved one — foundational, educational items that can adapt to a growing setup.

  • Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells — PowerBlock’s Sport 24 adjustable dumbbells are compact and lightweight, making them a good pick for anyone starting out on a strength training journey. No need to buy multiple pairs of dumbbells that will eat up budget and floor space.
  • Elite USA Dumbbells — Coming in at 16″ in size, these are our most compact weights. Made in the USA, these 50-pound weight sets are a perfect set to get started with. They’re adjustable, going from 5 to 50 pounds and expanding up to 90 lbs. Each set comes with our industry-leading 5-year warranty.
  • Adjustable Kettlebell — Kettlebells are a great way to build functional strength while also getting a boost of cardio, making them a preferred tool for quick and effective workouts. With our Adjustable Kettlebell, you can get the versatility of four different kettlebells in the space of just one — perfect for beginners! The compact contoured shell provides exceptional comfort and the magnetic pin allows for weight adjustments in seconds.
  • Exercise Poster 3-Pack — A great workout starts with great fundamentals.
  • Portable Weight Bench — A perfect investment for a beginner who may have limited space to work with, this sturdy but compact bench folds up and can be tucked under a bed or into a closet while being a valuable tool for a wide range of exercises.

Gifts For Someone You Know Who’s Ready to Expand Their Home Gym

When it comes to expanding your strength routine, it’s a good idea to look for flexible, multi-purpose equipment. These gifts are all about building on a solid foundation and giving your giftee the ability to get even more out of their home gym setup.

  • Pro 50 — This adjustable dumbbell set replaces 1,045 pounds of free weights, all at an affordable price. These adjustable dumbbells are compatible with different handles and bars, making them one of our most adaptable gift options. These weights utilize the same design trusted by professional and collegiate leagues, armed forces, elite training facilities, and premier gyms worldwide.
  • Pro Series Straight Bar — Turn your Pro 50 dumbbellsinto a barbell with this straight bar attachment. Easily enables you to perform deadlifts, power cleans, rows and squats without the hassle and expense of hundreds of pounds of heavy weights in standard equipment.
  • Pro Series Kettlebell Handle — Transform the Pro 50 from a dumbbell to a kettlebell quickly and easily, creating more dynamic training with one simple toolset.
  • PowerStand — Use the PowerStand to safely store and prepare non-expandable dumbbell sets. An excellent storage upgrade for anyone with a permanent home gym, this ergonomic design can fit in nearly any space. Compatible with the Sport 24, Sport 50, PowerBlock 50, Pro 32 and Pro 50 dumbbells.

Gifts For Your Limit Pushing, Workout Obsessed Buddy’s Home Gym:

Everyone knows someone who sleeps, lives and breathes strength training. The following gifts are best for someone who has maximized their home gym’s potential and are now seeking ways to fit more into their space or further differentiate their workouts.

  • Pro 100 EXP — The Pro 100 EXP replaces 30 sets of standard dumbbells saving on both space and cost. It’s compatible with different handles and bars, making it a versatile gift for anyone you know building their home gym, from beginners to pros.
  • Heavy Adjustable Kettlebell — This ergonomic and compact design features a uniquely contoured shell for dependable comfort throughout a kettlebell circuit. The weights are easy to change and allow you to adjust the weights without frustration.
  • SportBench with Dip Attachment —Maximize your loved one’s workout possibilities with this ergonomic, adjustable bench. The dip attachment enables even more options including deltoid, shoulder, and tricep workouts in an easy-to-install package.
  • SportBench Chin-up Attachment — Help your loved one turn their SportBench into an even more versatile machine with a chin-up station that helps strengthen their lats and biceps.
  • SportBench Ab Attachment — Who doesn’t want a six pack? This attachment for the SportBench has a sturdy yet comfortable design that keeps you secure during ab exercises.