Man taking 100 pound adjustable dumbbells off of a stand to start lifting

Which Dumbbells Are Best For Your Home Gym?

Knowing which type of dumbbell is best for your home workout will shape the kind of strength you’re trying to build. You’ll want a good idea of how you want to work out (building endurance with lower weights, for example) before deciding on a weight range. You’ll also want to decide if you want to explore adjustable dumbbells, such as the ones offered by PowerBlock.

Other factors such as space and the amount of money you’re planning on investing in a home gym will help you decide what dumbbells are right for you. We’ll go over the details you need to consider before investing in dumbbells suitable for your goals.

Selecting the Proper Weight Range

When you have a range of dumbbell weights, you’ll have a versatile set you can use for different exercises and to advance with you as you get stronger.

  • Light Dumbbells (1-25 pounds): While three to twenty-pound weights are recommended for those just starting out in strength training or those looking to build muscular endurance, a lightweight set of dumbbells such as PowerBlock’s Sport 24 set is a perfect choice.
  • Medium Dumbbells (25-50 pounds): Of course, the right workout for each weight category depends on where you are in your strength training journey. Medium dumbbell users will know the correct posture for weight-lifting exercises to avoid injury. Dumbbells, including PowerBlock’s medium-range set, the Pro 50, are ideal for full-body workouts.
  • Heavy Dumbbells (50+ pounds): PowerBlock’s Expandable Pro 100 ranges from five to 100 pounds with its expansion options, offering advanced weight lifters a challenge as well as versatility.

Assessing Your Space and Storage Needs

If you want to build a home gym, you’ll want to assess the space in your house. Is there enough room to store your workout equipment as well as enough room to move freely around?

With compact, adjustable dumbbells like PowerBlock’s, you’ll be able to have a wide range of weights without having to take up a whole wall with a shelf of individual dumbbells. Instead of a shelf, our PowerBlock sets can be supported by stands that are the size of a mini fridge and make it easy to lift and set down heavy sets of weights.

Budget Considerations When Selecting Dumbbells For Your Home Gym

Once you start planning your home gym, it’s important to set your budget. Decide what type of equipment is most important to you, and how much they’ll cost. As the weight of dumbbells increases, so does the price: You can expect a full set of freestanding dumbbells to cost thousands of dollars.

A major perk of adjustable and expandable dumbbells is the versatility you unlock within one investment. These dumbbells allow you to expand into a range of exercises that will improve your overall fitness, without needing to spend the extra money when you want to scale up or down.

PowerBlock’s adjustable dumbbells also allow you to unlock the option to convert them into other key strength training equipment like kettlebells or barbells. Simply pin the handle or bars into the dumbbells and enjoy the versatility (and cost savings) they offer.

Adjustable Dumbbells for Specific Workouts

Every person who wakes up early to sweat in their home gym has different goals and a different history. Just as every one of those people has different workout needs, different types of workouts may require different equipment.

  • What dumbbell weight should I use for strength training?: Strength training focuses on anaerobic activity, designed to build muscle and burn calories. While a lower-weight kit will be beneficial for those who are beginning strength training, heavier kits like the Pro 100 EXP are the best option for those who are taking their training to the next level.
  • What dumbbell weight should I use for HIIT and cardio workouts?: The weight of the dumbbells you’re using in high-intensity interval training or a cardio workout depends on your experience level. However, the weight should generally be lower if you’re focusing on keeping your heart rate high and moving during an aerobic workout. Our lightweight set, The Sport 24, would make even the most experienced HIIT experts sweat as it can be adjusted up to 24 pounds.
  • What dumbbell weight should I use for rehabilitation and physical therapy?: Rehabilitation exercises should be performed multiple times a day, following the instructions of a physical therapist or physician. Those interested in purchasing equipment for their therapy might be interested in our lighter-weight Sport 24 which allows you to increase weight slowly and steadily as you build back strength. Good companions to this set of dumbbells include PowerBlock resistance bands and our line of foam rollers — key for any injury recovery process. However, remember to ask your physician or therapist before expanding your exercises or experimenting with new equipment when you’re recovering from an injury.

Building a Better Gym: How PowerBlock Gives Athletes Room to Level Up

If lifting is already part of your lifestyle, it’s unlikely that you’re the kind of person who doesn’t evolve. That’s why it’s important to choose a dumbbell option that’ll grow with you without taking up too much space in your home or your budget. Our adjustable dumbbells allow you to switch quickly between weights so that you can keep pushing without worrying about your equipment holding you back.

It won’t be long before you notice that there’s a reason that people in every stage of their weightlifting journey turn to PowerBlock for their needs when they want affordable, durable equipment that’s designed to help them meet their fitness goals.